Explora Journeys x Le Jardin Retrouvé

We’re always excited to tell you about new locations where you can find Le Jardin Retrouvé range, but this one really is very special to us. We met in Esxence and immediately realised how much we had in common. As a result, we entered into a partnership with Explora Journeys, which means that customers can now enjoy our exclusive scented wellness by the sea.

The environment at heart

Explora Journeys is a new generation of ships, belonging to MSC, that has the environment at its heart, and this is why we’re so excited to be a part of their journey. They have pushed the limits of their eco-credentials to include provision for battery storage onboard, catalytic reduction technology that cuts nitrogen oxide emissions by 90%, and a complete ban on single-use plastics.

What is the Rina Dolphin Certification?

They’ve also taken this one step further though by being Rina Dolphin Certified. What does this mean? Ships moving through the ocean create noise which can disturb marine mammals, so new ambient noise limits have been introduced that aim to reduce it by 10 decibels by 2029. We are passionate about caring for our planet at Le Jardin Retrouvé, and that includes the oceans.

The new luxury? Niche perfume brands!

You’ll find our products onboard alongside the likes of Rolex and Cartier, and only 6 other Niche Perfume brands, so it’s clear confirmation of the perceived quality of our products by a powerful player in the luxury cruise realm. We’re excited to see what the future holds for our partnership with Explora Journeys, and do get in touch if you’ve had the chance to enjoy one of their five luxurious routes.

Discover more about Explora Journeys at explorajourneys.com

Explora Journeys x Le Jardin Retrouvé - Le Jardin Retrouvé