Le Jardin Retrouvé, as a space for protection and personal development, was built around well-being. "Scents that take care of you" has been our motto since 1975. Here you'll find everything you need to develop your inner garden, feel confident and grow. Welcome to our Wellbeing range!


Some of our Gardens have "benefits" certified by science. They will help you focus your moods and make them sublime. Whether you're looking for more joy, energy, wellbeing or a better quality of sleep, our scents will help you achieve your goals.

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Be O.L.Y. Be Happy! Osmanthe Liu Yuan is a joyful unisex Eau de parfum that was inspired by perfumer Maxence Moutte's desire for warm, fruity scents. With sparkling citrus top notes, a floral heart of osmanthus, jasmine and iris and base notes of leather, apricot and sweet musk, Osmanthe Liu Yuan is a ray of sunshine in a bottle.

Based on scientific research carried out over several years in collaboration with Givaudan, this Eau de Parfum enhances feelings of happiness and enchantment.

"I love osmanthus because, apart from its fruity element, it has a very sophisticated, almost leathery facet. It reminds me of my childhood in Provence".

- Maxence Moutte

Cuir de Russie is an Eau de Parfum with a subtle scent of violet and leather blended with precious resins, to help you get a good night's sleep. It bears the memory of the Slavic origins of Yuri Gutsatz, founder of Le Jardin Retrouvé. With this fragrance, he wanted to recreate a childhood memory, that of his father, whom he left at the age of ten and never saw again. This delicate fragrance, tinged with emotion, will introduce you to an unsuspected facet of traditional Russian leather.

Based on scientific research carried out over several years in collaboration with Givaudan, this Eau de Parfum improves the quality of sleep.

Mousse Arashiyama is an Eau de Parfum that invites you to take a regenerating, energising walk through nature. In this creation, Maxence Moutte gives us his poetic vision of the mossy undergrowth of a Japanese bamboo grove, with green notes of lentisque, figs, incense and dew drops accented by the freshness of bergamot.

Based on scientific research carried out over several years in collaboration with Givaudan, this Eau de Parfum boosts energy.

Sandalwood Sacré is an airy, spiritual Eau de Parfum with a harmonising effect. Milky sandalwood and patchouli will transport you to the heart of temple rituals, where sticks of precious wood incense burn. This fragrance will take you on a journey to meet Yuri Gutsatz, founder of Le Jardin Retrouvé, who worked extensively in India to discover the emblematic perfume plants of this fragrance-rich country.

Violette Kew is a mysterious Eau de Parfum. Seemingly innocent, pure and delicate, it quickly reveals itself to be very carnal, milky, almost pheromonal, "on the skin". It is a unisex fragrance that will be perfect from dusk onwards, spreading its powerful charm throughout the evening.

Based on scientific research carried out over several years in collaboration with Givaudan, those Eaux de Parfum promote wellbeing and balance.


Three Le Jardin Retrouvé fragrances have been carefully chosen for their different properties, each offering unique qualities to help you sleep better: Rose Trocadéro, Eau des Délices and Sandalwood Sacré. A little tip: the Brumes d'Oreiller can also be used to perfume all your fabrics without risk (sofa, cushions, car...)

"Together with L'Oracle du Jardin and our scented candles, these Pillow Mist fragrances will help you fall asleep: their soothing and relaxing properties will turn your bed into a real cocoon." - Clara Feder.

Scented Candles that comfort

Enhance the feeling of protection and comfort in your home by discovering our six candles paired with the brand's six iconic fragrances - Sandalwood Sacré, Cuir de Russie, Tubéreuse Trianon, Rose Trocadéro, Osmanthe Liu Yuan and Mousse Arashiyama.

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We're proud to introduce you to our magnificent diffusers and their porous porcelain stems with amazing throws. 5 extraordinary fragrances paired with our skin perfumes are now available. 100% Made in France, 100% Artisanal and 92% ingredients of natural origin.


To complete your fragrance rituals, we're launching our body care line with two must-have products for your beauty routine. Our Scrub Cream and Body Milk combine the moisturizing properties of cucumber with our signature Tubéreuse Trianon fragrance. Enjoy soft skin thanks to the exfoliating action of biodegradable castor beads and the nourishing action of Body Milk. Our body care products are suitable for all skin types and are 99% natural.

first Niche brand ever (1975)    formulas from French classical perfumery    high quality ingredients mostly ethically sourced    certified vegan    90 to 99% certified ingredients from natural origin    certified Mood booster fragrances    family owned and run    innovation driven (Proprietary AI, Certified Blockchain)