Osmanthe Liu Yuan Bougie Parfumée - Le Jardin Retrouvé
Osmanthe Liu Yuan Bougie Parfumée - Le Jardin Retrouvé
Osmanthe Liu Yuan Bougie Parfumée - Le Jardin Retrouvé
Osmanthe Liu Yuan Bougie Parfumée - Le Jardin Retrouvé

Osmanthe Liu Yuan Scented Candle

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The Osmanthe Liu Yuan 190g scented candle created by Parfumeur-Créateur Maxence Moutte, will bring a subtle, fruity touch to your home, with its scent inspired by the apricot jams of our childhood sublimated by the sophistication of the great civilizations of the Orient.

It will envelop you in a joyous atmosphere where jasmine absolute, osmanthus and peach essences are enhanced by a delicate leather counterpoint.

It is presented in a reusable Limoges porcelain jar, decorated with Gingko leaves on the outside and a handmade apricot glaze on the inside.

100% Made in France, 100% Vegan,100% Soya Wax, 100% reusable pot (dishwasher and microwave safe).

Osmanthus, jasmine, peach, leather

Main natural ingredients:
Jasmine absolute
Cistus essence
Ylang ylang essence

Main synthetic ingredients:

Aldehyde C14: milky, yellow fruit, fatty
Jasmone cis: floral, jasmine, grassy, spicy, celery
Butyl quinoline secondary: leathery, pyrogenic, green, fruity

Organic alcohol
No colorants
No UVfilters
No preservative
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  • Formulas in the tradition of classic French perfumery
  • 90 to 99% of ingredients certified to be of natural origin
  • Ethically sourced ingredients where possible
  • Certified vegan/vegetarian
  • 100% Soya Wax

Contact us directly by e-mail at contact@lejardinretrouve.com for more informations about this product.

Our candles have been designed with reuse in mind, in keeping with the spirit of the House.Once the candles are completely burnt out (50 hours later...), we obtain a delicate table service, to be used according to one's desires.

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It is based on the technology of the French start-up SORGA, and we are proud to be the first perfumery house to have it.


first Niche brand ever (1975)    formulas from French classical perfumery    high quality ingredients mostly ethically sourced    certified vegan    90 to 99% certified ingredients from natural origin    certified Mood booster fragrances    family owned and run    innovation driven (Proprietary AI, Certified Blockchain)