Le Jardin Retrouve et sont engagement pour la protection du bien-être et de la nature

No false promises

All the environmental initiatives taken by Le Jardin Retrouvé over the 48 years of its existence have had just one aim: to bring its actions face to face with its values as defined by its rich history.

Concern for the planet and for human wellbeing are at the heart of the very notion of the Garden, the universal symbol at the origin of the brand. Here, authenticity is not an option.

In 2021, we have decided to go beyond the standards set by the industry's regulatory bodies and eliminate all ingredients that are potentially harmful to the planet and to our health. Our challenge? Preserving the olfactory beauty for which Le Jardin Retrouvé is renowned.

We replaced the traditional alcohol with organic alcohol and eliminated three ingredients: a non-biodegradable, a potential endocrine disruptor and a potential allergen.

After numerous trials - 17 for Sandalwood Sacré! - and the welcome help of Givaudan, the fragrances under Maxence Moutte now shine as they did in the past, and the levels of natural origin ingredients in our perfumes are now between 90 and 99%.

Our dear Arlette, co-founder of Le Jardin Retrouvé, imported hundreds of high-quality fabrics from India in the 1960s, and left behind her innovative patterns.

These became magnificent pouches used as eco-friendly packaging for our Discovery Sets

The pouches themselves are made by an organisation that helps disabled people integrate into the world of work.

The emphasis has been placed on sustainability in all our "containers".

  • The bottles are made from glass.
  • The Bakelite caps are produced by a French company with Ecovadis Gold certification and the lowest carbon footprint on the market. Bakelite is a 40% biobased resin that is 100% recyclable.
  • The labels are tested for crease resistance, so they can be kept for a very long time.
  • The outer cardboard packs are FSC-certified.
  • The candle and diffuser containers are a converted table service, so they are entirely reusable.

Of course, we can always do better and more, and we're always looking!

Like many people, Clara and Michel didn't like throwing away pretty glass bottles.

In 2017, when they took over the business, they immediately started producing non-crimped refillable bottles, as well as the refills, but the stockists were no longer used to it.

When you're a pioneer, you have to be able to stand your ground, and even if the beginnings were complicated, today consumers are making the difference.

That's why replacements for the first refills - the Vintage Collection - are still being produced.

Le Jardin Retrouvé is a proud member of 1% for the Planet France, and as such donates 1% of its sales to environmental associations. We have chosen to support reforestation, which is particularly relevant to the perfume industry.

We’re committed to exploring ways to make a positive difference to our environment, such as being members of 1% for the planet, and we know that you’re also on board with us every step of the way.

So, from now on, when you order, you’ll start to see a new option at checkout.

For just $0.25 (0,23€) we can offset the carbon footprint of your package together.

How does this work?

Out of the $0.25 (€0.23) you can give to the cause each time you buy, a 10% amount is provided by us, so we help too. Then, it goes towards funding innovative companies that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and actually store it.

This incredible plan, because it is developed and handled by Shopify, - the largest platform that enables millions of buyers to shop -, will indeed make a positive difference to the environment, the oceans, and to our planet as a whole.

We don’t just create fragrances that care… we seize every opportunity to look after our planet and we thank you warmly for giving us a hand.


- Michel Gutsatz

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Our Limoges porcelain pots are reusable

Our creative director, Clara Feder, has taken a table service and turned it into candles and diffusers. She chose Limoges porcelain and raw Jura beechwood lids for their aesthetic appeal and unending reusability. How can they be reused?

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1) Once the candle has finished (around 50 hours), put the bowl in the freezer for an hour and then turn it upside down. The wax will freeze and fall out on its own. That's it!

2) You now have a beautiful Limoges porcelain cup with endless uses. It's dishwasher and microwave safe, and the inside is a different colour depending on the fragrance.

Once you've used up all the liquid in the diffuser - after about three months - you can use your porcelain cup for a whole host of uses. It's dishwasher and microwave safe and, as each scent has its own colour, you can use it to make an eye-catching table service that will make you proud.

first Niche brand ever (1975)    formulas from French classical perfumery    high quality ingredients mostly ethically sourced    certified vegan    90 to 99% certified ingredients from natural origin    certified Mood booster fragrances    family owned and run    innovation driven (Proprietary AI, Certified Blockchain)