FIOLE x Le Jardin Retrouvé

Le Jardin Retrouvé owes so much of its success to the help we receive from our retailers around the world. That’s why we like to learn a little more about how they found us, what they love about our company, and also their own plans for the future. This month we contacted the founders of London-based Fiole, Samuel and Josh, to learn more about their journey.

How did you discover Le Jardin Retrouvé?

We discovered Le Jardin Retrouvé while preparing for our trip to Esxence in 2022. We mentioned to a mutual friend, Karen Marin, that we were planning to open a conversation, only for her to say that she was already well acquainted with them and would happily make the introduction. We had a call before Milan and instantly fell in love with the brand, its story, and, of course, Michel and Clara. So by the time we finally met in person, it felt like we were old friends, and we knew we had to start working together.

What do you like about Le Jardin Retrouvé?

The brand stands out for many reasons. It is vegan and strives to be as natural as possible. The packaging is stunning, and the fragrances are diverse, accessible yet still interesting. They seem to blend classic perfumery with contemporary style, all while meeting our stringent quality standards. However, what we love most is that Michel and Clara have taken a brand with such exceptional heritage and ensured that everything they do both honours the past and paves the way for the future. Many brands could learn from them in terms of sustainable practices and how to keep a perfume brand at the forefront of protecting our planet, “the garden we live in”, while effortlessly remaining luxury and beautiful.

“Le Jardin Retrouvé blends classic perfumery with contemporary style.”

What are your business plans for the future?

Fiole is constantly evolving. We are currently launching our brand boxes, where we have listened to our loyal customers and created highlight collections from each of our wonderful brands. This means our customers still have access to our Fiole Fragrance Finder, but if they fall in love with a brand, they can explore it in more detail. In the coming months, we also plan to host many more in-person events and introduce a few more top-secret products that will solidify Fiole's position as the home of fragrance discovery.

You can discover more about Fiole by visiting their website or by following them on their Instagram.

FIOLE x Le Jardin Retrouvé - Le Jardin Retrouvé

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