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We often talk about wellbeing at Le Jardin Retrouvé, and that’s because it’s a subject that is very important to both you and us. Whether it’s relaxing, focusing, or finding the inspiration to make choices, harnessing these emotions and feelings can help to free you for the days and weeks ahead. To help you start your journey into the world of scented support, we’ve carefully selected four of our products that we think everyone should experience.

L'oracle du Jardin

Everybody needs a little help now and again, because life can be complicated, but the strength you need is often already inside you. The question is how to unlock it. Clara Feder, our Creative Director, has the answer. She’s created a series of 24 beautiful positive energies only cards that can help empower you to make personal and professional decisions by focusing on your inner energy. Remember, perfume is about emotions, and our Oracle Cards are waiting to tap into yours.​

The Pillow mist

In France we have a famous saying, “the night brings advice”, and so our Pillow Mists were literally born in our dreams. They’re designed to give you scented encouragement to face a new day feeling renewed, and can actually be used on all fabrics. So, as well as spraying your bed linen, you can also spritz your coat, your scarf, even the inside of your car. Fragrance should be enjoyed, and our Pillow Mists give you the chance to be extravagant without breaking the bank.


We all want to be surrounded by a comforting and familiar scent, and this is where our revolutionary Scented Stem diffuser truly comes into its own (5 fragrances available).

It’s made of reusable porous Limoges porcelain, replacing the usual reeds, and we use a slow-evaporation oil instead of alcohol. What does this mean? It means you get at least three months of scent! And, once it’s finished, you can simply order a fragrance refill… so it’s great for the planet as well as being great for you.

The Bodycare

To complete your fragrance rituals, we're launching our body care line with two must-have products for your beauty routine.Our Scrub Cream and Body Milk combine the moisturizing properties of cucumber with our signature Tubéreuse Trianon fragrance. Enjoy soft skin thanks to the exfoliating action of biodegradable castor beads and the nourishing action of Body Milk.Our body care products are suitable for all skin types and are 99% natural.

L'édition Wellbeing - Le Jardin Retrouvé

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