Are you feeling the need of purifying yourself from something or someone?

Would you like to help someone in the same situation?

Someone around you, or something like a food or allergen, has been shown to be really toxic to you, and it's time to get rid of them. Or your body/mind is malfunctioning because it is clogged, tired or has even seized up, and needs to be purified. Either way, you have to react even when you are in a weak state and when it may seem insurmountable to you. The first thing would be to get help from someone kind, or a specialist. Indeed, some poisonings are linked to our behavior, food, psychological state or physical health. It is often better to address the root cause rather than its consequences. Never forget that you deserve to get better! An energy meditation can also do you a lot of good. Drawing this card can allow you to become aware of the situation and begin your path to healing.

Predictive value

Something or someone might require some type of purification from you, or you’ll be asked to help someone about a problem related to purification.

Introspective tips

In general, do you practice forms of purification? What is your usual way of purification?

What happens when you experience purification? How do you feel? What does it bring you? In this situation, what will it bring, short-term and long-term?

Mindfulness tips

Today, pay attention to what type of purification is required from you, and in which areas it manifests itself. There are light areas and deeper concerns. Notice the difference.

Originally, the design of the card comes from the properties of our perfume Verveine d'Été, a lemony perfume based on verbena, with a twist of basil. To me, this perfume evokes Purification with its direct start, its pure and precise facets and its link to the rays of the sun.

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What candle and Scented Stem diffuser fragrances do I suggest with it?

Mousse Arashiyama and Sandalwood Sacré will help you purify yourself. Osmanthe Liu Yuan will add nurture.

What happens when you draw a card?

It means you need to receive this energy, or you need to give it to someone close to you, or both. In any case, this moment in time requires you to explore this specific energy.