Are you feeling wounded? Does your body ail?

Would you like to help someone to heal?

The will to heal is fundamental to what is happening to you. Whether it is physical or psychological, do you know what troubles you or hurts you? This sometimes requires research, and it is always easier to fight if you know your enemy well.

Healing is a mystery you can spend your whole life unraveling. Sometimes, you don’t even know how or why you healed, it just finds you, as the result of a slow, deep maturation, or as a quick result from a sentence you have heard or a word that was pronounced. There can be, of course, specific cures, or specific processes. At other moments, time and rest are the great healers… There is a definite link between healing the mind and healing the body, so breathing deeply and meditating are efficient ways to heal and to tackle pain. Mindfulness and paying attention to your mental health are crucial. Forest-bathing and being in nature are also helping. Those are, indeed, our best tools.


Predictive value

Something or someone might require some type of healing from you, or you’ll be asked to help someone about a problem related to healing. 


Introspective tips

Are you generally speaking in mental or physical pain? Do you often consider yourself as someone who’s been hurt?  What is your usual way of healing (mind and body)?

What happens when you heal? How do you feel? What does it bring you? In this situation, what will it bring, short-term and long-term?

Mindfulness tips

Today, pay attention to what type of healing is required from you, and in which areas it manifests itself. There are light areas and deeper concerns. Notice the difference. 

Originally, the design of the card comes from the properties of our perfume Mousse Arashiyama, a woody, oak moss based fragrance, with a fig leaf twist. To me, this perfume evokes Healing by its mossy top note, its deep, forest-bathing facet and its link to ancient wisdom from the far East. 


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What candle and Scented Stem diffuser fragrances do I suggest with it?

Mousse Arashiyama will help you get rooted, and Osmanthe Liu Yuan will bring you joy.


What happens when you draw a card?

It means you need to receive this energy, or you need to give it to someone close to you, or both. In any case, this moment in time requires you to explore this specific energy.