Are you anxious about jumping into an unknown situation?

Would you like to help someone unlock their journey forward?

It's time for you to open up and accept the adventure that is in store for you. If you have a problem with doing this, it means that what got you to where you are today is probably no longer relevant.  Try to reassess the situation from a different perspective. Consider the pros and cons of taking action. Did you get all the information you needed? If not, go get it!

Predictive value

Something or someone might confront you today that will require an adventurous spirit to respond. Or someone will need your help on that matter.


Mindfulness tips

Today, pay attention to what type of adventurous spirit is required from you, and in which areas it manifests itself. There are light areas and deeper concerns. Notice the difference.


Introspection tips

Are you generally speaking an adventurous person, or does the situation require it from you, and you feel ill at ease?  

Is it a pattern in your life and if so, what usually happens when you begin a new adventure? How do you feel? What does it bring you? In this situation, what will it bring?

Originally, the design of the card comes from the proprieties of our perfume Citron Boboli, a zesty, lemon based perfume, with an incredible spicy twist. To me, this perfume evokes Adventure by its crispy top note, and the fact that it is stretching itself from a citrus position to a spicy one. 


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What candle and Scented Stem diffuser fragrances do I suggest with it?

Cuir de Russie will help you be focused and emotionally balanced and Rose Trocadéro will soothe you.


What happens when you draw a card?

It means you need to receive this energy, or you need to give it to someone close to you, or both. In any case, this moment in time requires you to explore this specific energy.