Are you feeling a lack of love?

Would you like to help someone in the same situation?

Love is the most powerful and "transformational" energy there is when it is at a very high level.

There are many kinds of love, but often we unconsciously refer to unconditional love, the one our mother is supposed to have given us. Of course, it's a bit immature, and we know it! However, it is hard to stop ourselves from seeking this type of love, especially if it failed us as children.

The more life passes and the more experiences accumulate, the more it is obvious that we will have to settle for a less absolute version than the one we had in mind. However, the path traveled is worth it, because it opens us fundamentally to this magnificent energy, it then becomes possible to spread it around oneself without restriction. This is the best "calculation" you can make, because if you act out of love and can never lose. 

Predictive value

Something or someone might require some type of love from you, or you’ll be asked to help someone about a problem related to love.

Introspective tips

Are you generally living in love? What type of love? What is your usual way of experiencing love?

And when you do, what happens? How do you feel? What does it bring you? In this situation, what will it bring, short-term and long-term?

Mindfulness tips

Today, pay attention to what type of love is required from you, and in which areas it manifests itself. There are light areas and deeper concerns. Notice the difference. 

Originally, the design of the card comes from the properties of our perfume Rose Trocadéro, a floral fragrance, based on rose absolute, with a twist of blackcurrant bud. To me, this perfume evokes Love with its opening that evokes a  bouquet of roses, its very slightly fruity facet and its link to wellbeing and relaxation. 

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What candle and Scented Stem diffuser fragrances do I suggest with it?

Rose Trocadéro will bring you a peaceful mood, Cuir de Russie will increase your feelings of softness.

What happens when you draw a card?

It means you need to receive this energy, or you need to give it to someone close to you, or both. In any case, this moment in time requires you to explore this specific energy.