Violette Kew

did you say VIOLETTE KEW?

Violette Kew is a mysterious Eau de Parfum. Seemingly innocent, pure and delicate, it quickly reveals itself to be very carnal, milky, almost pheromonal, “on the skin”.

It is unisex, and will be perfect from dusk onwards, spreading its powerful charm throughout the evening.

It will take you in the footsteps of the refined visitors to Kew Gardens, with their velvet clothes, polished manner and hidden but intense emotions.

Violette Kew has a light, gourmand, sparkling quality that brings back memories of childhood through its top notes of Violet and Cardamom, its heart of Violet and Violet Leaves, while the base notes of Sandalwood and Cumin give it its mysterious, endearing depth.

Scientific research shows this Eau de Parfum promotes a feeling of fulfilment.

Violette Kew was created in 2024 by Maxence Moutte.

Violette Kew - Le Jardin Retrouvé

Details about Kew Gardens 

Kew Gardens (Royal Botanic Gardens) originally started life in 1759 with the collecting of one of the world’s most impressive selection of rare, unusual, and interesting botanical specimens began.

It serves today as a leading center for botanical research and conservation efforts, protecting over 80,000 living plants and thousands of preserved specimens within its vast glasshouse collections. 

It’s also been the inspiration for both literary and artistic works, such as Virginia Woolf and Marianne North.

It’s this idea of being born a long time ago and being dedicated to conservation, collaboration and education that struck a chord with Le Jardin Retrouvé, because it’s a set of values that align so closely with our own – sustainability, accessibility, and inclusion. Also, because our fragrances allow the wearer access to both physical gardens and inner emotional ones, Kew Gardens was the natural choice for Violette Kew.


At Le Jardin Retrouvé, we’re lucky to have our very own in-house perfumer. Maxence Moutte has taken up the baton from our founder, Yuri Gutsatz, and so we wanted to find out a little bit of background to his new creation… the exquisite Violette Kew.

Where did the original idea for Violette Kew come from?

A year ago, at the launch of my second perfume for Le Jardin Retrouvé, someone in the room asked me, "What ingredient would you like to work on next?” I instantly replied, “Violet". Clara and Michel gave me the go-ahead right away, and so I began to gather ideas, trends and also create my first attempts.

What does the smell of violets mean to you?

For me, violets are first and foremost memories of family outings. When I was a child, my parents used to take us to pick them in the grounds of the château de Suze la Rousse, in the south of the Drôme. I can still feel my childhood excitement at spotting the pretty little flowers, picking them, assembling them and, above all, smelling their delicate scent as if we'd found a treasure.

Have you worked with violets before?

As a perfumer, I've noticed that violets are rarely used in their own right in perfumery, and are never sufficiently showcased in my opinion. Also, violet was an ingredient in the palette of Yuri Gutsatz, the founder of Le Jardin Retrouvé, and which he used in his moving Cuir de Russie. 

What extras have you added to help showcase the violet scent?

To bring out the best in my violet, and also because Yuri lived in India for many years, I worked with sandalwood, cumin and cardamom to gives Violette Kew its depth.

What result were you aiming for with Violette Kew?

My intention with this work was to create a deceptively innocent violet: delicate and discreet on the surface, but ultimately very carnal with the sensual, milky, almost “pheromonal”, very “skin-deep” effects of cumin combined with sandalwood.

Violette Kew is available to pre-order from our website.


Each of our fragrances has its “Inspiration” garden since our name translates as The Garden Rediscovered. To complement our Violette, we chose Kew Gardens, in London. These gardens, founded in 1759, are rooted in the past and yet also so modern - even avant-garde when it comes to the preservation of the species.  They are totally aligned with Le Jardin Retrouvé ethically, historically and aesthetically.

Pure and delicate, it quickly reveals itself to be very carnal, milky, almost pheromonal, "skin-deep". Violette Kew was created in 2024 by Maxence Moutte.

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