The Lovely Story

Le Jardin Retrouvé was the very first Niche Maison de Parfum created in 1975 by acclaimed perfumer Yuri Gutsatz. The man who made « Niche Perfumery » what it is today, he rejected the constraints of the marketing-driven perfume industry, in pursuit of creative freedom and the finest ingredients. In 2016, his son and his family reinvented Le Jardin Retrouvé, while preserving Yuri’s delicate formulas.

  • Yuri Gutsatz
    born in Russia
    in St.Petersburg
  • Hired by
    Parfums de
  • Chief Perfumer at
    Roure Bertrand
    Fils & Justin
  • Manages a factory
    that manufacters
    Bombay, India
  • Yuri and his wife Arlette
    create Le Jardin Retrouvé
    1ère Maison de
    Parfum de Niche
  • Their son Michel and his
    wife Clara reinvent
    Le Jardin Retrouvé
Our Concept :

Le Nécessaire features :

  • A 125 ml aluminum bottle of the Eau de Parfum of your choice,
  • A funnel,
  • An empty 50ml screen-printed bottle,
  • An empty 15ml screen-printed bottle.
Discover Le Nécessaire

Filling the bottles is participating in the timeless ritual of Master Perfumers.

Our Expertise :

Our expertise is Yuri’s expertise, taken from his extensive laboratory experience, his Vice Presidency of the Société Française des Parfumeurs, the creation of the Osmothèque (the conservatory for bygone perfumes) and the extraordinary volume of notes that he left. Not only did Yuri meticulously document the unique formulae and processes of his craft; he was also able to capture the delicate nuances of his fragrances in poetry and prose. The rich archive of information and the values that Yuri passed down enables us to share Le Jardin Retrouvé in the spirit of true connoisseurship - appreciated by those ‘in the know’ and cherished by all.

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